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Direct Response Marketing Design – Minimalism vs. Busy vs. Ugly

When it comes to direct response marketing design, decades of testing have revealed that ugly design outperforms “beautiful” design trends all the time. If you are familiar with traditional direct response marketing, you probably know this already. However, this goes against the common wisdom you’ll hear from designers, who promote minimalist, aesthetically pleasing design. The…

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Copywriting Questions to Expect from a Freelance Copywriter

At the start of a copywriting project, freelance copywriters will often present you with a set of copywriting questions. This questionnaire is often called a “creative brief,” a “discovery questionnaire,” or something along those lines. Regardless of its label, this list of questions is essential to the copywriting process. Answering these questions carefully does a…

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Direct Response Marketing

What Is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing is a marketing methodology that attempts to elicit a specific response right now. It is my favorite kind of marketing… But for some, it’s also the most annoying. Think of: Infomercials and shopping channels Long-scrolling sales pages with order button after order button Snail mail sales letters There are different schools of…

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