3 Long-Term Investing Trends to Watch in the 2020s

COVID-19, the great accelerator of change, has helped to identify a few of the most influential and profitable long-term investing trends. According to McKinsey, for instance, COVID-19 has widened the gap between leaders and laggards in the global profit curve. Unsurprisingly to those watching the markets, 2020’s most profitable industries included: Semiconductors Pharmaceuticals Software Technology…

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Deflationary Tech, Currency Inflation, & the Future of Work

To stave off an economic crash, the Federal Reserve has injected trillions of dollars of liquidity into the markets through quantitative easing (QE), which has some economists worried about the prospect of inflation. At the same time, we are faced with the prospect of disruptive, deflationary tech, which makes me wonder how these two forces…

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