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SEO Copywriting: Ad Agencies, Marketing Companies, & More

I have worked for Greenthumb SEO for more than 5 years. During that time, I have written everything from B2C web copy to B2B copy in the IT industry. Clients have included: Multi-national advertising firms Mobile marketing companies Digital adoption platform vendors Marketing agencies in the USA and Canada And more Not only is Nathan…

Copywriting & Digital Marketing

DK Body Inc. bridges the commercial gap between Japan and the USA. They help Japanese companies expand into America and vice versa. Services are wide-ranging, and include translation, promotion, event coordination, and more. I have helped them with: Digital strategy Copywriting and editing Marketing consultation

Email Newsletter for Point-of-Sale Company

Beagle Hardware sells point-of-sale equipment. They hired me to write a monthly email newsletter that promotes products in their POS inventory, such as receipt printers, card readers, and related accessories. For this project, I help with: Research and writing Campaign creation and management inside Mailchimp A/B split-testing Analysis of engagement data

Automotive Copywriting

Dominion Dealer Solutions provides internet marketing solutions to auto dealerships throughout the United States. They have a suite of proprietary products and services, including CRM, DMS, social ad management, reputation management, and more. I helped them with a variety of writing projects, including: Web copy for auto dealer websites around the USA Content editing and…

SEO Writing for Hawaii Travel Website

Hawaii Discount offers a wide selection of Hawaii tours, vacation activities, and travel packages. They hired me to write keyword-optimized articles for their travel blog, which: Improved and maintain SEO for targeted keywords Brought thousands of views and visits per month Generated thousands of social shares per month My work included keyword research, SEO optimization,…

Travel and Tourism – Las Vegas

StayVegas grew from Luxury Brokerage International – both were sites that provided vacation rentals to Las Vegas tourists. I managed a small team of junior writers, helped with content strategy, wrote web copy, and provided editing services.   Nathan has a talent for not only writing, but for understanding his client’s needs. I consider myself…

Health Copywriting for the Acne Niche

Acne Einstein’s owner asked me to write articles that explored alternative, healthy acne treatment options, drawing from the latest scientific research in the field. Here is what the owner, Seppo Puusa, had to say about working with me: Your writing is consistently high quality and you are able to write about complex topics. For a…

Web Copy & Content for a Marketing Agency

AptoHQ is an internet marketing agency based out of Wilmington, NC. They provide a range of marketing solutions to real estate agents and SMBs, including PPC management, SEO services, custom website design, and content marketing. I helped with: Web copy for the company site and client sites Keyword research and SEO copywriting Marketing content and…

Blog Articles on Japanese Language Learning

FluentU creates language-learning software for several languages. They hired me to write useful, keyword-optimized blog articles for beginner and intermediate Japanese language students. Since I have a degree in Japanese literature and studied Japanese for several years, I was able to write engaging and informative articles about grammar, vocabulary, and language learning. These articles engaged…

B2B Article on Marketing Automation

The client provides SEO services, custom websites, graphic design services, and other internet marketing solutions. My work for them included ghostwritten blog articles about marketing automation.

Real Estate Content

This blog targets homeowners interested in selling their homes. The client requested a blog article that analyzed the real estate market for Anchorage and explained why the market was ripe for home sellers.

IT Blog Article

This article was aimed at IT professionals, and required research into data center cleaning and maintenance procedures. It was ghostwritten and published under a pseudonym.

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Web Copy for Senior Care Services

Web page copy written for a nationwide network of senior care services. The copy was optimized for SEO and focused on specific aspects of the client’s services, such as: Caregiver training Caregivers’ ability to personally relate to the customers’ needs Their training and background

IT Blog Article – IaaS for SMBs

This web copy explains what Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is and why it is superior to dedicated hosting. The article covers the benefits of IaaS for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the disadvantages of dedicated hosting solutions.

Article About SMB Marketing

Promotion World was a lead generation website that targeted SMBs. The client requested a ghostwritten blog article to help persuade traditional businesses to use their services.

B2B Article Targeting Small Business Owners

Article written for a site aimed at small business owners. The client provided me with an article title, then gave me creative freedom regarding the content. This article focused on unusual ways to grow a company.

Article About Coworking Spaces

The client requested a blog article that covered the best attributes of co-working spaces. The article was published under one of the client’s pseudonyms.

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Travel Articles

The client was a Singapore-based travel company whose blog catered to ex-pats and tourists. They requested a blog that covered Sipadan island, one of Malaysia’s most famous dive sites.

Steel Industry Web Content

This article provides perspective on the relationships between the construction industry, the iron and steel industries, and the mining industry.

Cybersecurity Article

In the wake of the PRISM scandal, privacy became a hot topic. This client requested an informative blog article that explained options for protecting privacy online. The article was ghostwritten and published under a pseudonym.

Web Copy for the University of Colorado

The University of Colorado requested content on cyber security that provided information to prospective university students. The page covered the Wikileaks scandal, the PRISM scandal, and vetting procedures for cybersecurity professionals.

HVAC Copy & Content

The client was a local company whose target audience needed to purchase a new heating and cooling system. Web copy outlined various service options, benefits, and considerations, then ended with a call to action.

Landscape Article

This is a blog article about silva cells, a box-shaped device used underground in urban landscaping. The client requested a straightforward, professional blog article that described what silva cells are, how they work, and what benefits they provide to urban landscapers, developers, and the environment.

Articles About Internet Marketing

The client provided only the article title and allowed creative freedom with the content. Articles were geared towards SMBs that needed internet marketing services.

University Work

Some of my first print writing can still be found in the archives of the UW Daily newspaper. These were written while I was still in college.

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