Copywriting & Digital Marketing

DK Body Inc. bridges the commercial gap between Japan and the USA. They help Japanese companies expand into America and vice versa. Services are wide-ranging, and include translation, promotion, event coordination, and more. I have helped them with: Digital strategy Copywriting and editing Marketing consultation

Blog Articles on Japanese Language Learning

FluentU creates language-learning software for several languages. They hired me to write useful, keyword-optimized blog articles for beginner and intermediate Japanese language students. Since I have a degree in Japanese literature and studied Japanese for several years, I was able to write engaging and informative articles about grammar, vocabulary, and language learning. These articles engaged…

Web Copy for Senior Care Services

Web page copy written for a nationwide network of senior care services. The copy was optimized for SEO and focused on specific aspects of the client’s services, such as: Caregiver training Caregivers’ ability to personally relate to the customers’ needs Their training and background

Landscape Article

This is a blog article about silva cells, a box-shaped device used underground in urban landscaping. The client requested a straightforward, professional blog article that described what silva cells are, how they work, and what benefits they provide to urban landscapers, developers, and the environment.