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Nathan T Warne - Freelance Copywriter, Direct Response Copywriter, Content Marketer

Dear Business Professional,

Do you need a professional content marketer or copywriter?

One who can grasp complex technical concepts … perform in-depth research … write persuasively … and get the job done in a timely fashion?

If you want fresh marketing ideas and results-oriented solutions that don’t break the budget, I may be able to help.

My name is Nathan T Warne.

I’m a freelance content marketer and copywriter who specializes in tech, B2B, and IT. I’m passionate about marketing, technology, and helping clients succeed.

Since I started my business in 2012, I have:

  • Written over 10 novels’ worth of tech-related B2B copy and content
  • Researched and written about topics including programming, martech, fintech, AI, AR, VR, and blockchain
  • Helped with copywriting, content marketing, SEO strategy, editing, and translating
  • Built websites, web automation tools, and language learning apps
  • Obtained 3 digital marketing certifications in direct response copywriting and content marketing

My clients have included marketing agencies, multi-national advertising companies, SMBs, and everything in between.

I’m always open to receiving inquiries about my services.

To schedule a quick, no-obligation chat, email me today.

What I Do

B2B Copywriting

It’s true that all marketing communication is human-to-human, but B2B requires a different approach.

Sales cycles are longer, buying considerations are different, and there are often a number of decision makers involved.

I have years of experience researching, writing, and working with B2B marketing material.

Content Marketing

Online, content marketing is the name of the game.

You need a steady stream of content to stay visible, build authority, and make an impact.

Whether you want blog articles, ebooks, newsletters, or lead magnets, I can help.

Web & SEO Copywriting

SEO spend is increasing every year.

If you want to stay seen, you need web copy that is engaging and keyword-optimized.

I have been writing SEO copy since 2012, and know how to write for machines as well as humans.

IT & Tech Copywriting

As a tech nerd and front-end hobbyist (I have 1,500+ hours of experience with Ruby, Python, JS, and HTML/CSS), I’m perfectly suited to write sales copy for the IT industry.

I am passionate about tech and — most importantly — I can grasp technically complex concepts and explain them to both professionals and lay audiences.

Direct Response Copywriting

The internet is a direct response medium — you want action, measurable results, and ROI.

I write copy that compels, converts, and sells.

From landing pages to sales letters to email autoresponders, I dig up your audience’s emotional triggers, then use those to craft persuasive, ROI-driven sales copy.

Other Commerical Writing Solutions

If you have other writing needs, don’t hesitate to ask.

I have helped with a range of other commercial writing tasks, including editing, managing other writers, training, and more.

What Do You Need Help With?

If you want creative, compelling copy that’s backed by thorough research, we might be a good fit.

To schedule an initial meeting, email me today.