How to Write Once, Deploy Content Anywhere with LLMs & AI-Based Agents

The right LLM-based app, I believe, can give content production a massive boost, in terms of both quality and quantity – while simultaneously saving time and money.

If you’re an SEO, content marketer, or agency, then a well-designed LLM-powered app can allow you to “write once and deploy content anywhere.”

In the coming months and years, I think there’s an 80%+ chance that the entire digital landscape will be cannibalized by AI: LLMs will underpin all software and everything will be connected by APIs.

Of course, for now, what we’re looking for is practical solutions.

Cutting Content Marketing Time in Half with ChatGPT

Now, with ChatGPT, you simply need to write (or even speak) your content, then it can:

  • Copyedit and proofread
  • Perform more research
  • Make suggestions
  • Draft up and edit copy for:
    • Blogs
    • Social media
    • Newsletters
    • Marketing copy
    • Sales copy
    • Books
  • Provide the output on screen or as a downloadable file

With Custom GPTs, you can provide custom instructions and basic functionality, including web browsing, coding, and image generation.

I’ve created a few that I use for:

  • SEO and data analysis
  • Web research
  • Drafting up content
  • Generating Midjourney prompts

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible.

Building an LLM-Powered Content Marketing App with LangChain

With frameworks like LangChain, you can create an app that:

  • Pulls in data from a wide variety of sources, including Google (via APIs like SERP API), email, web scraping, and SEO tools
  • Stores that raw data and analyzes it
  • Searches for more relevant data
  • Summarizes the content
  • Extracts topics and keywords
  • Provides SEO content recommendations
  • Drafts up content for channels of your choice
  • Create SEO-related content, such as meta descriptions and image alt text
  • Recommend and insert SEO-related anchor text
  • Use APIs to schedule posts across platforms

All of this is possible right now with services such as the OpenAI API and frameworks such as LangChain, so it’s only a matter of time before we see content marketing and SEO tools hit the market…and massively disrupt the way we work.

Until then, however – and partly because of the impending threat of disruption – I think it’s critical that we all innovate as aggressively as possible with these tools.

Because if you wait, it may be too late.

Nathan T Warne
Nathan T Warne
Nathan is a content specialist and marketer with over a decade of experience working in SEO, IT, automation, and marketing. He provides full-service content marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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