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Are the Long-Term Impacts of AI Really “Unknown”?

Despite the hype surrounding AI, a writer for The Guardian says we still don't know what the long-term impact of AI will be. True. We don't know what the world will look like in...

20 Tips for Getting the Most from ChatGPT & LLM-Based Apps

ChatGPT and LLM-based apps can dramatically boost productivity, efficiency, and output.  With the right prompts, tactics, techniques, and strategies, you can do more, work faster, and get ahead of your competitors…and your peers. If...

Google to Restructure 30,000-Person Ad Sales Unit. Layoffs Possible.

The Information reported that Google plans to restructure its 30,000-person ad sales unit. Per Ars Technica, however, it's a "restructuring" that will "consolidate staff, including through possible layoffs, by reassigning employees at its...

2023: The Year of ChatGPT. 2024: The Year of AI Agents

At the end of 2023, there's a growing gap between people using AI and those who are not. I believe this gap will widen in 2024, not necessarily between users and non-users of...
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